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We teach ours to fish. We are GrowXa.i Technologies, LLC (GXAI). Home to the most influential grower support technology in the world. We educate, We empower and  instill confidence back into humanity to control its own cultivation, its own consumption, its own med supply, its own food supply. To that we say-



 Detroit we thank you and we are truly humbled to announce our main sponsorship with the nations leading cannabis conference Partnering with as the main sponsor for Cannacon Detroit 2022.


Please join us on July 22-23 in the city that moves the world, Detroit, MI,  as we unveil our much anticipated technologies. Led by the greatest grower support mobile application in the world "The GrowX APP".


Detroit ! This is for you.    

#FreeThePlant  #Free40k  #LoveNeverEnds   #DetroitTech moves the world!

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Follow our path as we trailblaze lanes in the in-home grow game.

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